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  1. Has anyone every done these?

    The company says theyre a plant food, 'not for human consumption', yet they produce an effect nearly identical to ecstasy.

    I searched, and 5 threads as results.
  2. Yeah, very nice high. Make sure you get a new packet though because they replaced the bzp with some other chemical. Bzp makes SWIM have the worst comedowns ever.
    SWIM would personally prefer this 'plant food' over any other although its a bit pricey... Totally worth the money.
    And yeah they are pretty much exact same high as ecstasy.

  3. realy? id say its abit lighter than E, as its a different chemical that mimmics the effects so to speak. then again it depends how many you pop at once :3

    EDIT:If you can get them get E=XTC or Diablo pills i heard they are stronger :)
  4. Don't bring that SWIM bullshit on here.
  5. Hey, I was literally about to post a thread like this haha.

    I bought 2 for 20€ today, gonna eat half of one in a few hours and then the next half depending on how I feel. I'll be drinking and smoking weed aswell so don't want to overdo it. Also I've never done pills before.

    School in the mornings gonna be a bitch! Oh well.

    I'll post back!

    edit: I got the swine flu shot a few minutes ago, is doing all this tonight wise?
  6. I would much rather take MDMA.
  7. Same, but reports in Ireland say that these are actually better than the shit you get around Dublin :)
  8. Ok so I took 1 pill in total and 8 pints. I dunnot if this is the pints talkin but its 3 am right now and the night is over but I don't wanna go to sleep right now, I was seriously the chattiest person all night to the most random set of people. People who i've never talked to seriously i'm best friends wityh them now.

    Buzzin like hell don't wanna go to sleep but know I should might smoke a joint or something.

    fuck yea will do again

  9. shouldn't realy drink on pills as alcohol is a diretic and will dehydrate you more but im glad you had fun :)
  10. You mean Mephedrone? Or Pipes? From what I've heard Mephedrone is very much like coke/speed, but not much like E, enjoyable though. I haven't tried it yet, but I will when I get the chance.
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    Ok I wrote that before I tried to sleep hehe. Didn't get a second of sleep, which really annoyed me, but I should have expected it. I've been up 34 hours now, And my jaw! It's so sore, I didn't even realise i was grinding it so much.

    I think next time I'll take this will be at a festival where I won't want sleep anyway.

  12. its a good idea to geta dummy/pacifier/whatever you call it, they're great for it man.
  13. SWIM is my mate :wave:
  14. not to hate on you but SWIM isnt used here, its not against the rules but people dont like it, if your that worried put one of those disclaimers in your sig
  15. yeah its cool im just saying iv seen pill forums online and SWIM is always used. I was just thinking logically if you get me, i mean who would go online and tell people that they take class A drugs and show pictures of them when the goverment can obviously trace your IP and raid your house =/
    Not complaining or anything and understand people don't like it and i kinda get irritated by it too but ya'kno.

    I'd rather not say "I" becuase i get paranoid.

    :) peace :)

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