London riots

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  1. Londons a fucking wreck, fires everywhere, my neighbours are all getting fire bombed, looted and attacked! And its spreading. Violence like this is unnecessary, I'm all for rising up against the cops, but CMOn.

    Anyone else in London getting ass raped by rioters. I'm in croydon
  2. Power to the people!!!!!!
  3. yeah the riots are horrible...On the up side, free shit....
  4. Yeah man it seems really bad, they say the guy who got shot was a nice kid and shit but to tell you the truth he most likely was a criminal. All need to smoke a joint and chill the fuck out.
  5. ^ father of 4 kids as i understood .
  6. hell yah they get down!
  7. Probably to four different women too
  8. Good we need to stand up against our Government, whilst this may not be the reason to riot it should be the reason for the rest of our country to stand up and say fuck you cameron.
  9. could the op take a video i wanna see impact live footage :)
  10. I'm in Brixton mate
  11. Why be a dick?

    He is dead, you shouldn't speak ill of the dead. He did nothing to you and you don't even know anything, so shut up.
  12. If the riots come anywhere near me...sod the rioters, I'll just join in the looting!
  13. I'd be down to riot in the states. Trouble is people get shot by police here all the time so it would take a bit more than that to set people off

  14. tbh, i'll speak ill of whoever the fuck i want. dead or living.

    also, i would utilize said riot as an opportunity to come up on some free prescription drugs :hello:

    but ya, obviously this needs posting:

  15. ^^ There lies the problem, it is no longer a protest it is angry asshats destroying their neighbors livelyhood, property, and dignity.
  16. I'm part of the problem because i say that the rioting is good ?

    We need to let our corrupt as fuck government know that were not going to be shafted time after time. I admit the current rioters are nothing more than kids going wild, if this continues more and more people who oppose the government will join in and in turn government buildings, banks etc will be destroyed.

    I don't applaud the rioters or the reasons for rioting but i do applaud the fact they are standing up initially for what they wanted and believed in (justice for Mark Duggan). Now i know thats been completely overshadowed by riots in others parts of London and up and down the country but the fact is finally shit is getting done and the Government is wary.
  17. I'll post a vid and some pics here soon.

    I didn't used to support the riot, because of the needless damage. But all times I'm voicing my opinion on it, ALL I get from those against the riots is racist feedback, so this country can just fucking burn along with them for all I care.

    I've gotten things like 'If it weren't for you ******s none of this would be happening' and 'your kind are only rioting because you ran out of trees to swing on' or even 'these ******s should just jump in the fires they start, that's how it woulda been in the good days'... constantly like this...

    I have no sympathy for any of these fucks anymore and im half tempted to join in the rioting.

  18. No, the community themselves are against these thugs, why would we suddenly join them after they have burnt down shops, looted, attacked random civilians. They are thugs, and yes i agree we need a revolution and to overthrow this government. But this is not the way.
    These riots need to be stopped, and then we can organize a real demonstration, for a real cause.

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