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London Ontario Canada

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Uber_Apples, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Hey there, just moved recently to london for university (UWO). I am not lookin for a dealer or anything, I got one who chops nice weed: 30 1/8, 60 1/4, 110 1/2
    Not the best prices, I used to get 25 1/8, 50 1/4 and 95 1/2 but he got better weed that is cured and dried a lot better so I am actually not complaining, cause I get more weed for my buck. What I am wondering is if anyone knows any head shops in london ontario? Preferavly near oxford street or UWO campus. I know a convenience store that sells pipes bongs and other stuff, and I got a pipe from there once, but every time I went for a bubbler they have I.Ded me (I am 18)

    So who is rockin the london?
  2. bro i go to UWO

    and are you kidding?

    richmond + york there's a high times, and organic traveler.

    edit: tell me you're talking about george and coreys hahaha
  3. Kind of related? I'm applying to UWO, how do you like it? I'm coming from Jersey so it's kind of a blind shot to go there haha
  4. UWO - #2 place in North America to get laid.
    UWO - #1 Party school in North America
    UWO - #1 Ivey League Business School
    UWO - my new home <3

    enough said.
  5. oh lord, :love:.
  6. not to mention i got a sweet hookup with premium strains so.
    life is amazing :)
  7. I like Medusa across from the Superstore on Oxford, by Fanshawe. It's in the mini mall that has the Kelsey's and they've got parking. Which is rare for head shops in town.
  8. I actually saw that sotore yesterday hahaha
  9. Nothing to do with what you guys are talking about but all Im going to say is.......BEEF BARON!
  10. i was in there today....their stuff looks pretty good. Im thinking of buying a pipe from there.
  11. Richmond and Central...Almost paradise. Its only a 10-15 minute walk from UWO campus with the buses on strike and all.
    Also Dundas and Richmond has Butterfly Crew, which is nice too.
  12. hi times never id's and has a pretty good selection with pretty good customer service

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