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  1. Hello, I'm Cid. I am from Columbia, south Carolina and various boroughs of New York. I recently moved to California, and am awaiting the doctors appt to get my medical card. Shit is really chill here in Lompoc, close to LA,Santa Barbara,Santa Maria, and Compton, really cheap green that's amazingly better than most of the stuff I had back on the easy coast, and fuckin A amazing culture for a stoner, I wont be specific in case of any rule prohibiting it, but no one cares that you smoke weed here, as long as you're discreet and cool.

    I love weed, but I am really a medical case. I have a strong anxiety disorder and have been strongly recommended to smoke mainly indica, and to go for hybrids instead of the higher sativas.....but I'm also a stoner so....yeah.

    Anyway, burn one

    And Mr.Pickles is that shit to watch stoned jussayin mane
    Welcome to southern california ;) my home since day 1. the culture is very strong down here,
    ironically we'll be one of the last to legalize for that very reason. anywho, welcome to GrassCity
    friend, and FYI there are walk-in cannabis clinics in LA that you don't need an appointment for
    and you'll get your card the same day... but if you already got it set up, stick to it. Peace and love.
  3. Word,word....word.

    LA is the one then.

    Goddamn I love California.

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