lollypoping,double toping and suppercroping at the same time

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  1. so this is my firt grow and i decide to do an experiment on my black indica that was top before and was too i decide to remove all the fan leave from the bottom up and double top her..after i supercroped the main remaining stem i stupid or ill ended up having more budding site since im gonna flower in 1 week or 2 since i just put a lot of stress on her tonight...ive been a month and a half in veg...good or not?
  2. before and after pics

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  3. I would have done LST my self, combined with topping, personally i would have done this 1 week before flip to flower, this is kind of alot of stress for a plant in the first week of flower. C-Plants are more prone to go herm in the first 3 week of flower because the female and male hormones are fighting for dominance, and putting a huge amount of stress on her the first 3 weeks can cause signs of male sacks, not to be confused with nanners witch mostly comes in late flower stress, or from genetic herms, but i wont go in to that.
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  4. im not going into flower until 2 weeks
  5. Then it's okey, shouldn't be a problem.
  6. i was just worried bcuz i cut pretty much all the fan leaves ... then top it ...then supercroped ....will survive all that stress?
  7. Yes! If nurtered good and the grow environment is good she should bounce back with double the growth. I would give min 2 weeks to recover before switch, that's all.
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  8. I'm not the biggest fan of topping. I use it when I need to but it really slows a plant's growth down. Especially a small vegging plant. I've experimented with topping, supercropping, LST, and lollipopping.

    I still train with all three methods and always lollipop the bottom to limit larf. I'm mostly supercropping now. Not the way most people think of it though. I'm good at gentle selective bending of branches. LST is too much work for me. Too much string and messing around. Topping grows too slow.

    Every time I top a plant it sits there for 2 days like it doesn't know what happened. If you bend a branch down it turns back up to the light the next day. LST and supercropping can get you so many tops you never need to top a plant. I use topping as a last ditch effort to slow a top down that is pushing above the rest of the canopy.

    What all these training methods do is create an even top canopy. That is always best for small scale yield indoors. You want an even canopy and a top the perfect distance from the light filling the whole light footprint. Whatever method you use to do that is up to you. There's more then one way to skin a cat. Out of all the techniques though if I just used topping in the end I would have half the size plant of one that was LST'd/supercropped the same amount of time.

    Here's the plant I just put in flower. When you LST, supercrop, and lollipop without string it makes trees. I got 12oz's off my last tree. This one is going to be in that range. Maybe 8-10oz's. 11 weeks of veg. Raised under one california lightworks 110vegmaster. Promix/perlite, GH nutes, 7 gallon smart pot. Crystal (White Widow x Northern Lights)
  9. it should survive but wont get as big as it could have without the topping.
    what is your reason for training, do you have a height restriction?
  10. i wanted to experiment a little and wanted mote buding site
  11. What do you mean with gentle selective bending, while supercropping? You dont damage the stems at all? But isn't that half the purpose of supercropping to create a nuckle? I'm just curious :)
  12. Yea i break their necks when i supercrop and get giant knuckles. You lolipoped too soon imho
  13. i think she made it!! just more head to grow bud

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  14. I think that you should normally lollypop the bottom third. Topping tends to stunt growth
  15. You want it short and like a bonsai plant but more bush like on top
  16. Break only to form level canopy when supercropping

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