Lollipopping/ Under Pruning vs Natural Grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gokukamaya, May 5, 2011.

  1. any sides?
  2. i grow em all natural!! i get amazing rezults. i however am giving several new techniques a try. i dont like lollipopping its not natural. i cut the air buds off but thats about it. i also chop the huge water leafs that cover the bud. you want to leave some though it makes diagnosing nutriant problems easyer.
  3. ya i took a tiny tiny bit of leaves off that were sticking together, i cant bring my self to cut any flowering sites even if they are gonna be one hit a piece =]
  4. That's the common thought, however after reading a lot what if I told you, by eliminating those under producing bud sites and excessive fan leaves will give your main colas the opportunity to grow even bigger.

    Think of it like this, a plant will eat 100% of the food you give it, from that supply each part of the plant takes some, those little bud sites eat food, those waste of space leaves eat up even more food, so by the time your bud sites are getting their share of the food, it's going to be considerably less than that 100% that the plant was going to eat and distribute to each part of itself.

    Soooooo... take away small single hit sites and that'll cause the plant to refocus it's energy to the colas that'll knock you out.
    make sense?

    Which is why lollipopping works as well as it does, almost all the energy distributed goes to the single main cola at the top closest to the light. Also is a splendid solution for a sog setup.
  5. hmm yes i agree u know, im almost through 4weeks of flower, and the tiniest bud sites have flowers on them so ill smoke them now then =] cool with me =] still got 60 top colas =] i know i know i went over board vegged for 3 months bonzaied topped and super cropped
  6. u think i should snip the little ones on the bottom even if they have flowers on them?
  7. d00000000d 4th week over 6 week on my strain i cant balaaaave it

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