Lollipopping outdoor plants?

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  1. Is anyone familiar with the method where you cut the bottom portion of your outdoor plant so the upper portion focuses on bud production more?

  2. Yes I did that to my sativas last year. It makes good for a nice think cola on top.
  3. Yes cut all the tiny branches and low branches to allow the energy and nutes to be used on buds that are larger. Buds won't be drained by the sucker branches.
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    That is on a 5+ lb plant.

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  5. What about on flowering plants? It won't send it back into veg at all will it
  6. These are flowering. I am still cutting as i go. Anything that has small bud sites i cut off.
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  7. I might try this my plants aren't tall but they're very bushy I think more sun and air to the stem will stimulate the flowering stretch, just a hypothesis
  8. loli popping is a bit more than just keeping the bottom clean you take almost everything off but the main bud on each branch its more of an indoor style i would reccomend doing what sgt. says keeping the lower small unproductive undergrowth cleaned up..
  9. It's also good for avoiding pests and mold. The more airflow down low the better. And the bigger the plant, the more crucial trimming becomes IMO. Smaller plants don't take as much work to get air through, and are easier to check for pests. Having thick growth in the center of a big plant is asking for mites where I live. The east coast doesn't have the same mite problems, but mold would be even more of a concern there.

    Anyway, I think early flower is the perfect time to do some heavy underskirt trimming. I cut a bit here and there throughout the season too, but by now you can tell what's going to produce a nice bud, and what will just sag to the ground under its own weight. That stuff has to go.
  10. I just did this I cleaned up the branches and underneath real good, it feels so wrong cutting bud sites small or not
  11. You'll thank yourself when it's time to trim.
  12. That's what I was tellin myself with every snip
  13. Yeah yesterday i just did was sgtstaf did. More energy for top buds. Plus it makes watering a heck of a lot easier
  14. How high should I trim up from the bottom?
  15. Up to you. Ive seen some crazy overvdone lollipoping, no clue how they survive it

    I usually just pluck off the small stems and leaves that come off the main branches and just even it out. Usually ends up being a half foot above soil

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