lollapalooza 2003

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by cowofsteel, May 28, 2003.

  1. I am awaiting July 11, because on that day i am going to see Incubus, Audioslave, and Queens of the Stone Age damn it! I dont care what it takes! I'm only a mere 3 hours away from millwaukee ill walk if i have too! hopefully the fact my b-day is only 2 days away from that will help me out!

    Anyone else planning on enjoying lollapalooza this year? I hear Steve-O is gonna be one of the ppl performing on the 2nd stage.
  2. I wish I could have went back in the day to see the pumpkins
  3. that would have been so sweet

    zia, do you have the "rotten apples" album?

    if not, you should get it. In fact, EVERYONE should get it.

    there's something undesirable about greatest hits albums, like they're not as good or something...

    but this is the pumpkins we are talking about, plus it comes with a great cd of unrealesed/ bonus tracks

    are you into zwan?

  4. its like 54 somthing, but i love incubus so it'll be well worth it.
  5. I might hit it when it comes through Kansas. I saw Queens of The Stone Age in concert a fews weeks ago, they are explosive on stage. But, the band i'm really looking foward too is Incubus. I heard they got a new bassist, hopefully he is as good as the last one.
  6. i went to Warped tour and could have gotten tickets for Lolapalooza for TEN BUCKS but stupid me was too high to remember to get them. I LOVE INCUBUS. and now its over.

    I was going to go, i had my tickets all ready to be ordered, like about to hit the buy button, and my icq goes 'uh oh' like man uh oh for sure too... my friend got grounded for smoking (damn you irony!) and we had no other driver!!!! So we didn't get to go, but all is good, im going to phish next summer! FOR SURE!!!!!!! lol

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