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  1. I always knew that 99% of men could be dickheads from time to time. But this has to be the biggest dickhead I\'ve ever seen!!!!! LOL.
  2. Critter, just when I thought the pic couldnt get any better.......You gave it what it was missing........A fat ass joint!!!!!

    And Zia, my best friend sent that to me when my b/f and I broke up to make me laugh. I have no idea where it came from but I thought it was funny as hell!!!!!
  3. Gosh when some people dress up the DRESS UP. =)

  4. I told you NOT to post a pic of me here. Now you are in trouble. I will have a pic of you on here befroe the day is out!!!!!!! DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT I can\'t believe you posted that......
  5. I\'m soooooooo sorry Bud Head.........if you hadn\'t said anything, no one would have known it was you!!!! I just couldn\'t help were so damn cute in that cowboy hat!!!!!!
  6. I tried to tell everyone that i look like Hank Williams JR when i dressed in my cowboy outfit! You believe me now huh?
  7. Now Bud Head, I always knew you could pass for Hank Williams Jr more sexier twin brother even without the cowboy oufit. But there is something about a cowboy hat that just turns me on!!!!!! LOL
  8. LOL I was asked in a resturant one time if I was Hank jr.

    I told the woman that i was his twin and that I take his place when he was to tired to do a show or what ever.

    I have alot of fun with Hank some times!
  9. aaahhhh! hilarious!!! i luv it hahahahah...
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