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    so i'm new and immm blazingoff of K2
    i read some shit on here and it was amazing so i decided to become a member
    it tok like 30 minutes to activate my accounts and stuff...ohlol

    anyways, my name is logan and, username points that out, duh.
    well...i live in the great state of Oklahoma!
    site llooks pretty cool when ur stonin',
    so welcome me!

  2. (8
    i'm eatin a burrito from taco bell.
    Also im in da skyyy :)
  3. aha whoa, that's pretty vooocool.:wave:
  4. Hell yeah! :3

  5. Welcome to the City :wave:

    The discussion of K2 and 'other drugs' isn't allowed here, please make yourself familiar with forum rules ;)

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