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  1. So today I woke up at around 6am after passing out on the couch I was lookin in my pockets for my bud and was so confused I could not find it so I looked for over 30 minutes till my dad woke up and I stopped so I was like if I can't find it they wont so I'll just go to school and find it when I get home so I go to schoool and was tellin acouple of people how I couldn't find it was kinda funny so then 3rd hour rolls around there was an announcement that there was gunna be a k-9 search so they called me out of my class to come unlock my car door because the dog smelt something they searched for over an hour and found nothing so I go to the deans office and they search my there and the dean of students asks me to take off my shoes so I gladly kick them off he picks them up and pulls out my fucking bag please note I was high when I put it in there so I got arrested suspended blah blah blah
  2. Bro, you didnt notice this bag of weed in your shoe wile your walking around???
  3. lol fail
  4. I don't know how I didn't like I feel so fucking stupid lol. My car got towed too which will be 750$ to get out.
  5. ha ha thats so funny, if there was a straight faced smilie id put that to show my contempt.
  6. But I'm alright with it. It was less then a gram could have been way worse..
  7. i didnt read it, but there wasnt a single period in that whole thing. damn
  8. Oh my bad grammar monster.
  9. [​IMG] thats me.
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    Epic grammar monster is epic. Also, I'm laughing my ass off @ the grammar monster.
  11. Haha you sound awfully unconcerned about it

  12. haha thats what im sayin

    just another day huh? least you're takin it well
  13. Lol, thats hilarious. But really unfortunate because you didn't even know it was there.

    Oh, and theres this grammatical tool called a period.

    Period - a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations; "in England they call a period a stop"
  14. Don't encourage yourself!
  15. Yet another reason for someone to help me validate my previous question in another post regarding what is technically a strip search. I really wonder if this was legal for them to do, even on school grounds?
  16. They should focus on teaching the kids, not violating them.
  17. Haha fasho it's just another day I aint sweatin nothing. Only regret is getting caught with .5 like why not make it a pound you feel me? This town is a joke and so are the cops litterally they have nothing better to do then this. I'm sure that cop got a boner when he pulled out a bag that weights less then a gram probably the biggest drug bust in this town.
  18. Wait.... So why was the bag in your shoe???
  19. I can give you about a hundred reasons why you wouldn't want to get caught with a pound. Especially in your shoe.

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