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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pompus ass, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. just eaten the big mac and am now eating the chocolate sundee,lol.yummmmmmmmmmm.arhhhhhhh delemia,as critter the mod l have to deletee my own stupiod stoned drunk posts ,lol l potest ,lol.[​IMG]1 critter
  2. no yogurt parfait? that's the only thing I like from McDeath
  3. Critter are you fighting withn yourself again! LOL

    Critter nedds to make Critter2 and Pompus ass delete stoned and drunk post! LOL
  4. lol..
    hey mcdonalds is the may kill me, but it tastes damn good.
  5. No way! BK is much better!!!
  6. f00k em both..

    I like subway actually hehe
    good and healthy(ish)
  7. i love subway...but mr. sub is way better :D
  8. yep. Jr. Bacon Cheesburgers from wendy's are the shit!
  9. Im a wendys junkie myself, only place open kinda late here, they close at midnight, and tons of cheap stuff, plus their food rocks heh
  10. Mcdonalds has a good burger. I like wendy's a little better, but a DQ sundae is the best!!!
  11. Cool a whats your favorite fast food topic. Mine are:

    1. Krispy Kreme
    2. In & Out
    3. Wendys
  12. BK, yo!

    No seriously, my mom used to be a manager at McD's for 7 years, so I used to eat their food all the time for sick of it! I don't really like cold cuts, so Subway is out (but their meatball sub is great!) and I just can't get past the fact that Wendy's makes their hamburgers square...WTF is up with that??
  13. What a pompus ass!!!! LOL! :)

    I hate McDonalds. I used to dig them but I guess my tastes have changed. I don't do much fast food but my fav places are:

    Burger King
    Jack in the Box....we don't have them here though.
    Krystals and Wendy's will do if nothing else is open...same goes for Taco Hell.

    QUIZNO's is sooooo much better than Subway. Yummy!
  14. i had a meatball sub yesterday!!

    i had mcdonalds the night before

    a buncha guys came in high as hell, asked me if i wanted to go to a crunk party at a hotel :p, then one of em asked me for my drink lmao...i woulda gave it to him, but when i almost coughed up a lung due to the sinus drainage, which is better now by the way, he decided to decline.
  15. im a big fan of quiznos, and i went to cali last year and had an in & out burger and it was the best damn fast food ive had in my life
  16. Hahahaha.. Iguess the old days are coming back!!!!!!!!
  17. Out of all the places mentioned, the only one that sparks a bit of interest is Mr Sub. Why spend lots of money on some crap burger when you can eat at home. I hate the people in school that go to KFC JUUUUUUUST cuz it's a cheap day (here in Canada they call it toonie tuesdays.. a toonie is a fucked up name for a $2 coin... I hate that word. just call it TWO FUCKING DOLLARS!!!!!) to them i just say.. ooooook there buddy, enjoy getting fat!! and dying on the couch!
  18. Yeah I suppose Wendy's and Sonic.........yeah cheese stuffed jalapeno's mmmmmmmmmmmm

    DQ sundaes are the shit, too. Chocolate malts are better, though!!
  19. chocolate malts are more like shit tho:p

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