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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 2, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. smokinokie
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    posted March 24, 2001 12:14 AM
    We're walkin down the same road I've walked down for 20 yrs. to the same creek, up the same bluffs, to a little spot where a sandstone outcropping split away from the cliff, leaving a crevice 40 ft. long, 8 ft. wide, 20 ft. deep. There was a fireplace there, with a supply of wood,(laid in the weekend before, just in case,) and one huge blackjack oak growin out of it.
    Are we not lusty men of adventure?
    Are we not amply supplied?
    Oz. of Gold, Bottle of Mr. Daniels Whiskey.
    No mixer.
    Man, it's dark out here, 'cept for the colors. Looks kinda like Walt Disney threw up.
    We wandered past our path to the creek. Twice. Even though it leads to the rock crossing, we can't see it when we get there.
    Time to Pow-Wow. Let the ol' eyes adjust. We sit in the sand by the creek, twist a bomber, crack the seal on Mr. Daniels.
    Yeah, man. Fire that sucker up.
    Man, it's really fuckin' dark out here now.
    But, when one must smoke, one must smoke.
    There. I feel better, how bout you?
    Look for the little rocks that lead out to the big one in the middle. Big log from there to the bank. No problem, there they are right in front of us. Follow me for I am the lustiest man of adventure.
    To the big rock in the middle. Piece o' Cake. Got out of the trees, and realized how bright starlight actually is. To the big log and then up 4 tiers of sandstone bluffs.
    It's Febuary. 24* F. Why would there be ice on that log? Too late to debate the irony of the situation. Cold water rushing into your boots lends a sense of urgency to any purpose. But, I must wait for the less lusty men of adventure to sissy their way across the log and not share my plight.
    To this day, I still remember the 300 some odd people that walked up that bluff with us. You could'nt see them if you looked for them. They always stayed on the edge of your sight. Lookin' straight ahead was the only way to see them beside you and all through the trees. Damn. The colors are coming back.
    Pow-Wow #2. Another explosion of light, it's really fuckin dark out here again. Shorter break this time, cause my feet are not at all happy with recent developments.
    When the night eyes come back, I see one thing in the entire woods. The giant blackjack oak in the crevice is up ahead.

    Part III coming soon to a theatre near you.

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  2. I do love smokies stories.

    Most are almost believeable, and I'm sure alot of them are true!
  3. HIGH All, I'll second that BH.
  4. Why they are all true I say. 100%!

    Well this one is anyway.

    Critter, you been rummaging around in the closet again?

    ".....cold water rushing into your boots lends a sense of urgency to any purpose."

    Hehehe. Profound truth there man!

    So what happen next, did I ever finish tellin that one?

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