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  1. Morning all.........this pic made me laugh so I wanted to share it with all of my fellow blades here!!!!! Peace and love and have a great day!!!!!!!!!

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  2. >>Sorry we have a small budget…<<

    No shit. That ain't the ONLY small thing!!!

    That funnel would HAVE to go. Where's the dip stick? :D
  4. Reminded me of this one..

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  5. That cartoon is really fucked up stonygurl.I love it,it`s hilarious.
  6. lmfao ... thats one of the funniest cartoons ive seen in a while
  7. LMAO you guys have dirty minds LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. That cartoon came from when the gyn finished given a pregnant woman a rectal exam!

    Where did that smile on your face go :confused:
  9. mmmmmmmmm


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