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  1. [ame=]Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits Smoking Weed With Tommy Chong - YouTube[/ame]

    If Arnold is a cuberner of Cali, why wont he legalize then ??

    today I also checked that also Obama has smoked before in his age.... and its still illegal ?
  2. its a means of control, money based, power based control...if it will become legal it will only do so if the states go through with it...hopefully this year
  3. Do you mean governor? If so, he hasn't been the governor since Nov 2010
  4. Man I love Tommy Chong.

    If only I could ever meet him :)

    I'm not just talking about the character he did in their movies; he is a hero in real life too :D

  5. yeah I love both cheech and chong :D just checked before their few year old interviews about marjuana legalization :D they are awsome...

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