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Lol, you won't believe this

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tyro01, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. O.k so i've been smoking for 4 months now and i have only lit my bowl twice ending in utter failure. I get the concept, light-inhale-hold but i can't seem to get it right. I usually end up coughing really hard or burning my hair!

  2. Practice makes perfect.

    Try smoking in a place with no wind, so the flame is easy to suck in. Also practice mastering the concept of the carb, it helps a lot with inhalation. ;)
  3. inhale?? lol ive been lighting bowls since i was 13, your over 18, its not that hard you'll figure it out through trial and error
  4. make sure you arent packing the bowl to tight as a bowl packed to tightly is very hard to hit. i suggest when packing a bowl. break up your weed. grab a pinchfull. throw it right into the bowl then pack it with the bottom of a bic. had never failed me. as the bowls burns more and more. continue to use the bottom of the lighter to pack the bowl. another thing. as said above. learn how to use the carb if your piece has one.
  5. Practice, practice, practice my friend
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    This seems to be a foolproof way for nubs

    Hold pipe and cover carb with thumb.

    Light lighter

    Hold lighter above weed

    Suck into mouth, not lungs, kinda by using your toung, or like whisteling inwards

    Once smoke is in mouth, let go of carb, and inhale like normal

    This works good because you don't get a massive, throat burning, lung clutching hit. Just do it a few times or until you feel good.
  7. Had to copy this from another thread on how to use a pipe. Im too high to write it all over again so:
    hold the pipe in one hand with your pointer finger or thumb on carb[depending on which side its on] and the rest of your fingers cupping the back end of the bowl. Make sure its comfortable and stable while holding it.

    Take 3 or so long, deep and relaxed breathes in through your nose, and out through your mouth.
    Exhale all of your breathe(or at least 90% of it) right before putting your lips to the mouthpiece. Make sure theres no gap between your lips and the glass mouthpiece.
    Spark a flame, and hover it a cm or 2 above the surface of the weed.
    Make sure to CORNER, this means only light one side or section. Pretend the bowl of weed is a pie, you cut it into however many slices depending on how big of a bowl you packed, you want to light one 'slice' for each hit.
    Start sucking in slowly using mostly your mouth but inhaling with your LUNGS just a very little bit, pull(draw/drag) slow, this is not a joint.
    When you see the smoke come towards your mouth[if glass is clear] or you feel the smoke sensation hitting the back of your throat and tounge, that should be enough.
    Release the carb(uncover it completly) and INHALE fast and deep using your lungs, if you INHALED correctly, your shoulders should rise up, just like a normal breathe.

    You just cleared it. To clear means to clear all the smoke in the chamber by inhaling it into your lungs. You must clear fast. Pretend you are swimming, you are out of breathe and get to the surface, you open your mouth and take a deep fast breathe, almost gasping for air, Thats how you should inhale sort of.
  8. Another small tip would be go ahead and buy some pipe screens. That way, you can inhale a lot harder and not suck up ash and other nasty shit. Nothing is worse that sucking up burnt up weed, or even worse, not burnt weed.


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