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  1. I like Zach p. I think his work is pretty unique. His sculpting work is on point. But I would never buy one of his pieces. Not that I don't respect his work. As for the jag colas and slum gold I really am not a fan. Like mobious and jag colabs... Not to knock people who own one but, again I wouldn't pay for that.

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  2. I too always thought these multi hundred into thousand dollars bongs were a bit of joke at the price points they offer without being unique at all, only thing that makes em "better" is a label a lot like a Roor, no offence to RooR owners :)
  3. considering that the link you gave us now goes to page not found the price was probably wrong
  4. I think the OP is just talking about these particular artists.  And while they may not be functionally unique, aesthetically they are.  I agree with him, though I'm willing to shell out 1k+ to get a piece of glass I really want, I'm not a fan of those artists he mentions cause, yeah...too expensive for that type of art IMO.  If I'm buying glass art, I want something either sculptural (munny, dunny, ryno, elbo), or something where the glass is worked.  Out of the guys he mentioned, Jag is the only one I kinda like because I like the look of the white deco stuff, and the computery, circuit stuff he bakes on is cool to me.  
  5. If you don't like it, simply don't buy it. Some people collect boro like some people paintings. I mean why would some one want an andy walhol painting of a soup can... bc they are collecting it bc they like it and want to have a piece by their favorite artist. Im not talking about some $20 bong made in a sweat shop in china, im are talking about a piece that are one off, made by local artists who put their heart and soul into making a piece of art. If someone really loves jag as an artist and loves the way the mobius hits then this is the piece for them. If you can't spend the money to get something like that or simply don't want to spend that much... get somethng else. But don't knock the artists who put their blood, sweat and tears into making their work. When you buy a really heady piece or a one of a kind collab you are also paying for all the R&D they put into it, all the broken pieces that didn't make it, and supporting the families of the blower, who often times are helping blow the glass.
  6. I agree with that. I am not an art lover, I'm a gear head... So what I appreciate is the artist, the vision and level of dexterity, the imagination, time, and expressions of their particular talent. That to me says they should get whatever someone can afford to pay.
  7. So, someone can't have and voice an opinion about the artists they like or dislike?  We have to simply keep our mouths shut and either buy it or not buy it?  Why can't we discuss what/who we like or dislike and why?  
    Isn't that one of the points with art?  To generate discussion about it?
  8. So I can't have/ voice my opinion about supporting local artists? Should I just keep my mouth shut and just buy it?

    I am simply discussing why someone would want to spend money on boro. To be honest the OP asked why someone would want to spend that much on glass and I'm telling him what my point of view is.
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    But I think the OP was talking about just those particular artists he mentions, they bake art work on glass and suddenly the price jumps up big time.  They aren't working the glass.  I think his point was that these guys' pieces are overpriced because they bake on labels and aren't forming the glass or doing color work and stuff like that..
    His point was not asking why someone would want to spend money on glass.  He even states: 
    "they are only bake on decals... no sculpting or any sort of work. whatta joke"
    I wholly support overspending on boro lol.
  10. I totally understand. But I was explaning WHY artists charge what they do. I mean even with the baked on decal (which I'm not a fan of), like how much time he had to spend designing and creating the decal... its not like he just found a picture on google. He had to think of a design, sketch it out, create it, test fit it, change it alittle to make it fit better, test fit it again, bake it on.. maybe some got messed up, maybe a few broke in the process... I mean even things that may seem simply might be more difficult when you actually have to do it yourself. I mean I'm a chef at a fine dining restaurant.. if everyone said cooking is so easy and the portion sizes are so small, and foie gras is just duck liver and alba truffles are just mushrooms, I'm just gunna buy a can of liver at shoprite and some button mushrooms and it I'll be the same... id be out of a job and my training would be worthless. Ya you're going to be eating duck liver and mushrooms but its not going to be the foie gras I spend endless nights trying to get perfect so people would actually want to come just to pay $295 for something you eat in three bites.

    I'm just an artist trying to stick up for another artist. I'm not trying to belittle anyone or tell someone what to do. I just think if people actually understand what going into making something they would appreciate it more. If OP doesn't think that piece is worth 1200 bucks then he doesn't have to buy it. I was just saying maybe someone does think it is worth it and will buy it.

    Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
  11. I own plenty of high end glass i know why its expensive lol I'm not some dude who buys weedstar and bitches about sov being expensive. Im saying artists like jag and slum gold are rip offs when their collabs or pieces only consist of bake on decals, especially fucking gold and black circles. like wtf.  I also do glassblowing. I know what goes into making the pieces of art. 
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    tell me how jag put his blood sweat and tears into this... nowhere near heady. R&D for what? gold circles? jesus christ. also it wouldn't be so bad if jag didn't up the price ridiculously. a 420$ pieces went from that to 1750 because of some decals? those decals better be fucking made out of real gold lol

  13. I'm not talking about just that piece. I don't even like that piece you posted but just because an artist collabs on a piece and you don't agree with the price you don't bash the artist. But since you blow why don't you collab with mobius... and make something you do like.

    That is what I'm talking about when I say blood sweat and tears. Do you rely on glass blowing as a main source of income to put food on your famies table, to put clothes on your kids back, to pay your rent, shop bills, medical bills? Blowing glass is these artists jobs, its there income.

    I mean do you think people work for free? If that's what they want to chsrge for a LIMITED RUN piece, that there is prob only a few of, they can charge that. Someone will buy it and love it. Just bc its not your style and isn't "heady" doesn't mean its worthless.

    Your acting like this is the only piece jag has ever made... you haven't even given an example of what YOU THINK is a "rip off" by slum gold
  14. I'm just trying to defend the artists... I personally like slum gold and jags work. I appreciate all the artists work to be honest. That doesn't mean I'm going to buy it. I'm not trying to tell you that you don't know anything about glass. I'm not trying to be an asshole. I'm just voicing my opinion and my thoughts... just like you are...
  15. lol Stop talking to me like I don't know all this shit. Your telling me things i already know... I'm saying those decals on the jag x mobius collar should boost the price to highest 800. even then its kinda ridiculous. I appreciate ART and the ARTISTS. but I don't appreciate the ridiculous shit like this. 
  16. Ohhhhh ooooook... well then all you have to do is not buy it, problem solved -__-
  17. Or maybe you can email jag and tell him... maybe he will lower the price to something you think is fair... or maybe not
  18. so if some chef just threw duck liver and some can mushrooms into a pot and called it foie gras to make money as fast as possible, should that get the same respect as the one you've labored over, and perfected over years?
    And let's say I went to eat at this chef's place and yours.  If I were reviewing both dishes should I just say they're the same or not say anything bad about the crappy one cause...well, I didn't HAVE to order it, or eat it.  No, I would taste both and point out that chef A put out some BS and chef B had a balanced delicious etc etc dish.

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