LOL - White People, so true.....

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Superjoint, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. yea. and we all let that music video happen. when you think about it, it doesnt matter the time period. thats Mick Jagger and David Bowie.
  2. sweet moves SJ!
    is that Lizard there with you?
  3. Who knew Mick and Dave were into Jump Style and Hakken.
    Hope this bitch ain't got guns at home! Just saying.....
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    You'd think it was raining Orange Soda the way they all got their mouths open.
  7. Its grape drink, dont be racist

    That is stereotyping sir. All the black people where I live drink Orange Soda....ALL of them!
  9. whats with all the threads shitting on white people? lol they're great.

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    I was thinking the same, minus them being great. Let's see what'll happen when I make a thread about black people.... :laughing:
  11. Because us crackers are the masters of self deprecating humor
  12. and thats why i appreciate them. people who can't laugh at themselves... ugh.

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  13. id probably laugh at that too. i'm both so its "ok" for me to laugh, really ok for anyone to laugh so long as its tasteful. we all just havin fun.

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  14. Nice to see some open-minded people on this site haha. I'd laugh at either, it just seems that recently there's A LOT of 'lol white people' threads, and I'm confident if someone were to switch it round to laugh at something else they'd just get hate. I find it funny, but not when it's been done 10 times already this week.
  15. well I think a majoirty of this sites users are young white guys lol. that explains a lot.
    I think that orange soda jibe thing was on some Kenan and Kel shit tho

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