lol was just talking with some drunk walking home...

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  1. So I live in these apartment complex and theres a lot of bars around here, and I go outside to catch a cig and this one drunk ass motherfucker comes staggering down and sees me and comes over.

    he introduces himself and asks for a cigaretee. he then goes on to sayhe stopped smoking like 7 years ago and was talking about how he had like his teeth taken out and then takes out his like whole bottom gums (I assume its fake) and teeth and everything, I was like, holy shit. then goes saying how hes on all sorts of pain medications and has been drinking with them.

    Then he whips out a camera and wants to show me pics of the bar he was just at, and there were shit tons of bikers and shit there.

    I'm high throughout the whole idea (just ripped a fat roach packed in a bowl in my homemade grav bong)

    so I thought it was crazy as fuck.
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    once when i was stranded in the bahamas, i was walking around looking for an open bar to buy a beer - this was a TINY island - nothing but golf carts, i don't think there was a real car on the island

    they were all closed, so on my way back to the motel i meet this crazy lookin guy with a bike walking around

    he introduced himself as "Maxi Man, master of dee games" ........................that's right
    me and him talked about a few things and then he correctly guessed my age

    he then said "you're looking for a beer, huh?" he led me to his friends basement, i started getting a little nervous, but his buddy had a cooler full of beer and they just hand me a Guiness and we all three just shoot the shit

    crazy time, it was cool though

  3. hahahaha, I would've blazed him for that.

    Me and a friend got on a bus around midnight and it was empty except for this drunk hobo. He was sitting at the back in the middle seat with his eyes closed singing Under My Thumb by Rolling Stones...He eventually took a few song requests from us until we told him to shutup when it got really annoying after a good 20 mins when he kept going. I still feel bad for that :(.

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