lol this is embarrasing

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  1. Ok so i had some munchies and i got some candy. well anyways while i was eating that candy, i looked at the wrapper and saw this :

    Ingredients: Dextrose, Corn Syrup, Malic Acid, Art. Flavors and Colors, Red#40......

    Anyways i was pretty high. I hope this isn't just one of those things that seem funny while your high and then later on u think..."thats not funny at all." anyways enough rambling. I spent i think 30 minutes trying to figure out how they could put ART in some candy. Like was it the picture on the candy that made it have art? what the hell? anyways 30 minutes later i realized that was a period after art...and then realized it was artificial.

    Yeh im not much of a thread starter...only when im high ;)
  2. Wow man thats pretty funny.
  3. Don't be embarrassed! It's funny... for a quick anecdotal post, it's quite humorous. Never underestimate the power of stoned thought...! :D :cool:
  4. ROFL. . . . . .i totally see how you got that, lol. . . .it kinda looks like it says Art the way the period is after and flavors is capitalized, lol haha +rep that made me laugh
    so hard (just got finished burnin a bowl) :smoke:
  5. lol you tricked me too
  6. ha, nice find lol
  7. LMFAO!!!

    when i first read that i saw art. and went WTF?! and kinda read it 2 or 3 times, then i saw ur explanation underneath:D

    +rep for tricking the shit out of me hahaha
  8. I did the same type of thing at Applebee's. The sign said "ADD _______ Chicken to your order" I read it as A.D.D, and I was perplexed as to why chicken would have "A.D.D". 3 minutes later I read it right and am wicked embarassed, good thing the only other kid who hit that bowl (out of the 7 of us) did the same thing , so I wasn't totally alone.:p
  9. oh my god. that made my day :eek:
  10. hahaha thats funny.
  11. I just read that entire story, then stopped to replay the images of the story through my head... then i realized how much i could relate to the art thing and i burst into uncontrollable laughter.

    haha, I'm high :hello:
  12. Hahah, I could tottaly imagine doing that. +Rep, Get outta the red, Into the green!
  13. Damnit I didnt read the first part only when you explained what you did, pretty funny though man, I hate when I do that but say it to my friends then they make me look stupid.
  14. thats cook man one time i was high and i said perpack like ten times you get it PER PACK like cigs haha the funniest shit happen whenyour high

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