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LOL @ these text messages

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Peter Griffin, May 28, 2009.

  1. So I've been working at this new movie theatre for a few weeks and this girl that I work with asked for my phone number. This is what she sent me last night:

    Her: FWD: lets play fuck or pass. :) Would you fuck me or pass? send to everyone in ur phone (even me) and see how many fucks you get!

    Me: Pass, I'd get arrested.

    Her: Haha. You could wait til november. Lol. Jk

    Lol obviously she wants me, not gonna happen tho. Still funny
  2. i say u get arested
  3. [​IMG]

    :p kidding of course but the pic made me lol
  4. if she looked like'd be way more tempting
  5. Just go to Kinkos and print off 20 or so "call me when your 18" business cards. Its classy and you wont get arrested.:D
  6. If she is 17.5 and it's consensual, then it's all good pimpin'. I do not know the individual state's consensual sex laws, but I am pretty sure you can look them up. I think the difference in age may play a role too.
  7. I'd do it. If there is grass on the field, then play. 17 is old enough for consent as long as your not over 23.
  8. Second to last girl I fucked was/is 17 and I'm 20, it's still technically a misdemeanor in my state, but w/e it's not like she was going to tell and it was so worth it.
  9. ya gunna prob marry someone who ur three years older than anyways. so fuck it lol
  10. ^YEAAA, that's actually a lot different. 18 to 15 is a big difference. I know some idiot who knocked up some young girl and they weren't dating or anything. Now they're having a kid together. Wow, what a beautiful life. Neither one of them are ready for a kid. Obviously the 18 year old has a better shot and if they were both 18 they'd both have a better sho, but instead now they're depending on the parents. I know people in the same situation that are 20 and 17 too, still not ready. "So fuck it lol"

    Your wrong and if you can't realize that...well you know. "So fuck it lol"-wow.

    The OP isn't saying it's just an age thing. If you read his posts, he doesn't find the girl very attractive.

  11. well she's okay. too short for me tho because I'm tall. and I'm a virgin, not losing it to a stanky slut :D
  12. yeah i actually went to court for fuckin sumbody a lil too young. Luckily my lawyer knew what she was doing so I got off for it, but it is DEFINITELY not worth it.
  13. I have no desire to do anything like this but I'm curious as to what your defense was
  14. Eh, as long as she doesn't have an STD, might as well. I could have lost mine at 13 but waited until 17 for the same reason as you. I regret turning down all of those opportunities for experience and learning. Turns out, waiting all that time did nothing for me, I still don't cherish the moment. The most memorable part was that Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'" was on the radio while I was losing it, hahaha. :smoke:
  15. what r u doing u better fucking pound that shit
    age doesnt really matter if she wants it give it to her
  16. You're dispicable. :(
  17. would plus rep but i gotta spread the love
  18. all they had was text messages and facebook conversations, and those aren't proof, so they dropped the case.
  19. really? cuz i like nice shaved pussy.

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