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  1. So right now I'm living in FL and I've been here for almost a year and a half. Before I came back here I was living with my dad in nc, going to school and waiting tables/bartending. My now-ex and I used to smoke up all the time at my dads house at night, usually we'd duck off to the garage and smoke then go in and watch tv or whatever. This was before we lived together.

    Anyways, a few weeks ago I was visiting my dad in NC and we were just shooting the shit. He asks me if I remembered my "butt bucket" that I used to put my cigarette butts when I went out on the deck to smoke. I told him I did, and he sort of laughed. He then tells me that one day he was walking by the butt bucket and something caught his eye.. he said he got closer and it was a pot plant! :rolleyes: I just got a big stupid grin on my face and told him "Well.. I DID use dirt from the yard in it."

    THIS is the part that tripped me out. He told me he moved the plant behind his shop, "but it died." He said it put it by a tree "just to see what it would do" and then "something happened, and it died." He said the plant grew to about 3 ft. tall before it supposedly "died".

    Then he goes on to tell me about this "friend" of his who "smokes dope like they are cigarettes". I could have DIED! :eek: I was NOT having this conversation with my FATHER!

    I know he knows I smoke, my BFF and I used to have "date night" every thursday and we'd smoke a blunt then watch Rob and Big. We were in the garage one night and I was like "Oh shit! my dad!" and he popped his head into his hot-boxed garage.. lol good times.

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