Lol, rarely see most top posters around these days.

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, May 3, 2006.


    Ok, it's just because I haven't been around here for long enough, but besides IndianaToker, IGottheCottons, TheHempress, dirtybongwater (dbw), sidious, and Reform MaryJane Laws, I haven't seen any posts by the people above there and with the exception of dbw and IndianaToker, I haven't seen most of these people in a long ass time and some of them VERY rarely post these days.

    Meh, I know, forums are just forums, not lives, but still, it's interesting to see that GC keeps such good records of well . . . nearly everything.

    I don't know if I could ever stay around for 12,000 posts or so just because I've been here for nearly a year and only now have just above 1,000. Nevertheless, good job to all you admins out there and thanks to all you top posters simply for being around long enough and I hope to see some of you guys keep those post counters up!

    Wow . . . I must be really bored to post something like this . . . .. . meh. :gc_rocks: :hide:

    EDIT: Wow, I never realised, but there's a max number of rep bars one can have . . . eventually it tops off at nine it looks like, lol.

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