lol..Price is right.. $420 gotta see this

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, May 3, 2006.

  1. lol i just saw this now and thot it was hilarious... kinda long going thru the items and stuff but thers 3 different times the guy bids lol and listen to the cheers he gets hahaha

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    $420 Bob..
  2. already been posted like last week
  3. lol my b... havent been on so often :p
  4. haha thats great. At first I thought I had seen it but this guy does it three times..impressive :)
  5. ive seen it already but its pretty funny how he loses by a buck
  6. Wow that bitch at the end pissed me off that dude should have one!!! Fucking great video though.
  7. I like how on the last one he gets dramatic about it. Thats my favorite part.
  8. lol yeah thats funny, props to that guy!

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