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lol,not happy

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 11, May 10, 2003.

  1. we used to have yfff,s and offf,s .Now we have old bastards ?????????not happy .we have two types off people here ,those with responceibilty and those without .when you young pups pay all the bills and then some ,then ya,all can be offf,s.Till then ya just one of my kids ,lol.p.s. mickey T still wants to move in ,lol.:D
  2. gawd that face scares me for some reason, it's like menace manifest, the big blue people eater, it will haunt my dreams for years
  3. Been in the port again ya ol' bastard?:D

    Caught mama in the mood did ya?

    Congrats to ya both.
  4. Cheer up critter!! I'm still here, quite often, actually. It sucks 'cause we're never here when you're here, dont' it? Well, maybe it will make you happy to know that when I get here I'm usually lookin for you, smokie, bh and bpp - the rest of the OFFs - to see what y'all are up to.
    Hope yer ol' lady took care of ya!! Oh and that was very considerate of you to take a bath FIRST!! LOL!! Love ya babe!!
  5. LMAo Smokie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrads critter.. Was it good for ya!!!
  6. Critter we live parallel lives in different patrs of the world..

    That happens to me alot!

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