Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Phat, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Check this out...theres a Truth ad on the front page but half of the bands featured on that site promote
    weed with an exception of a few pussy bands like Linkin Park.
  2. I learned from Truth that marijuana is addictive and kills you and makes you steal VCRs and kick puppies.
  3. I'm not surprised, MTV is owned by Viacom which owns half of the popular cable stations (mtv, vh1, nickelodeon, and others) so it would be prudent for them to comply with the government. It's the same old deal; mtv airs propaganda in exchange for deregulation.
  4. it makes you run over kids riding on tricycles outside of fast food joints too.
  5. Totally. Well, even though drugs are bad, at least I can still enjoy tobacco and alcohol -- those are MUCH safer and healthier than marijuana, right? I mean, otherwise they wouldn't be legal...
  6. exactly Sad Panda, exactly. I think i'm about to have one of them safe cigs with my baby niece in the room because, ya know its healthy.
  7. Heh, that reminds me of this thing that realONE player has. I was listening to 311-Who's got the herb, and it has a little band bio on the track thats running. It was something like, "311 went platinum with their cd, whatever, and blah blah, and get this, they have a positive message." And i was like, are the realplayer programers stoners? Or just make up the band bios off the top of their head?

    EDIT: I guess they do have a positive message...

    "smoke the weed that come from northern california, don't do the coccain that come from columbia".. teaching good morals ;)

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