LOL "lost seeds in pots"

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Stay_Hard, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Gah.. I kinda mixed up the seeds in the pots, without have named them!
    So now I dont now with ones that are widow and whos are bagseeds?!?!
    I was in a rush to make it to work, atleast halv an hour late til' then (ôÔ.)
    so I nearly threw them in the pots without naming them!!
    7 of them i dunno what they are, 2 poots have signs on side
    Let's pray I can se that later on or maybe smell some differens on them
    3-4 should be bagseeds rest is white widow and this is my first grow
  2. Anyone who knows if I can se the different (white widow <-> Bag seeds ) before I'm about to sex them?? Like: size, collor, hight, smell ec. thanks for the help!!
  3. White Widow will have a hint of an indica structure when starting out. Fat leaves etc.
    The bag seed leaves should be skinnier depending on what location you got the bagseed.
    Most bagseed is sativa.
  4. ok, thanks alot Weedman90 i'll wait 'n se what happens then! Dont whant to
    put the bagseeds in those bubble buckets I'm about to get for later on.

    I'm doing alot of stuffs in my closet now, I'll show all later on.. but for now... fixing, And drilling and mixing ^^
  5. Cool, yes the bagseed will have a lanky sativa structure.
    Good luck!
  6. I'll warn you that I've gotten indica bagseed, with no sativa characteristics, so this may not wind up being a determining characteristic.
  7. research the widow's growth traits and characteristics on the internet. then wait... which ever one doesn't look/act like what widow is supposed to is more than likely the bagseed.
  8. yupp herbsintheburbs, I'll wait a bit more, can se some differens now in hight size of the leaves... the bagseeds plants r/have much bigger first set of leaves can point out 2 out of 3 that should be bagseeds?!, even tought they didn't come up at the same time. Thats good for a rookie like me to se, just hope they all do well now, starting to dry out a bit on the surface, have an 23 inch cooler/faan on them 6 feet away! i'll wait an other day or so before watering them.. Then I hope that I could find the last one :)

    A quick question anyone... are all bagseeds people gets, the plants with lot of smell and with giant leaves like skunks (Indicas) ?

  9. Thanks will check that up!
  10. Ok I think I have found 2 of'em that r bagseeds! they look a bit different now that they are 3 weeks old... and now that I got my 600w HPS I'm going to introduce them to it slowly... because I almost burn them down in with the strong light in just 10 minutes!!! Thats sick... the bottom leaves turned out compleatly white, while the rest of the crop was hanging down?? maybe I should wait a couple of days, because they where just transplanted into 5" pots, Now I need to find the last one of them who is in inBW those white widows. ja ja i'll find It :) jagarbast //ClubCueCas

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