LOL just saw a crackhead freak out up close and personal

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    I am staying with my friend right now. He just got an apartment and so i have been there like everyday for the past two weeks. He had this bitch from high school over to help us move. She used to be like seriously cracked out. Like i almost beat her ass a couple of times. But she got all clean and sober.

    I was chilling in one of the bedrooms when i heard tires squealing. I get up and i see her car. Can tell from the way she was driving this bitch was DRUNK. I hear banging on the door and my friends opens it. I hear her crying and shit. I figured her boyfriend was beating her again since he wasn't with her.

    Turns out she needed some of that shit. Bitch was falling off the wagon hard. So she is begging my friend for money/stuff. He is telling her no she needs to just stay sober. She is crying saying how she used to smoke 200 dollars worth everyday and how him giving her 40 wouldn't kill her and shit. I was just like WTF. Then this bitch goes and gets my dog and puts him in her car. My dog is a pure bred. Not only that but he has some nice ass markings on his face. Hes a stud every where i go people say nice dog. So i was like wtf? But i'm thinking he wont let her leave with my dog.

    Bitch says that if he doesn't give her some money or some shit she is gonna slit his tires and take his dog. Hes like "bye" So she runs outside. Btw my friend has been pushing a charger since sophomore year. Nice ass charger too one of the old ones. This bitch actually slit his tires. He doesn't even know yet but i could see her from the window and i heard the little sound. She sliced his tires up!!! Around this time i realize this bitch might actually try to leave with my dog. So i go out there calmly tell her "bitch move" and get my dog out of her car. She starts freaking out and follows me back upstairs. She wouldn't touch me though she was rattled.

    Well she goes back in the apartment starts hitting my friend and freaking out. Then she says she is taking all her furniture. Which is a couch and two rugs he bought off of her on moving day. Bitch drags the couch like halfway down the hallway. Realizes she has a small ass sports car AND we are on the third fucking floor throws a fit and leaves everything there. She said she was gonna call the cops on him before she left though. He was just laughing the whole time.

    For the past like 3 months this bitch has been coming around me. She keeps asking me why i don't talk to her. Why i don't like her. Why i treat her like shit. Well the next time she asks i'll be able to give her a good reason.

    Lol and he still doesn't realize she slit his tires. Didn't want to tell him while she was there because he would have whooped her ass. Like we probably woulda had a dead body on our hands if he knew. Look on his face when he realizes what happened is gonna be priceless.
  2. damn bro thats hella crazy, i never seen anybody like that but this just shows what those hard drugs can lead to. Glad i just stick to MJ, you guys shouldve smoked her out maybe it would have chilled her out lol
  3. Lol funny when they freakout my friend needed to kick one out....On going battle kicking her out (She never changed, or showered and did the 12:30 butt picking)...Oh and said Kelowna sucks for picking up butts unlike Vancouver...

    Shit was crazy.
  4. Sounds like a good person to get you anything at 50%+ off. Don't see why not :D.

    Let us know how he reacts.
  5. best part
  6. Damn.... That's just a shame right there. Good job on how calm you acted bro, if a motherfucker put MY dog in their car lol.... Shit would go down

  7. He was actually pretty chill considering. He just tried to leave like twenty minutes ago. Went out to his car and all i heard was "FUCK!" Came back cussing up a storm about "that crackhead bitch" Still think that shits hilarious.

    He chilled out pretty quick though. And lmao before he tried to leave chicks boyfriend calls him. I don't know what he said but my friend says "Okay well pussy thats all well and good but next time keep that cracked out slut at your house" And hung up. Don't know where the fuck her boyfriend gets off. I mean the whole reason he didn't give her anything is because everytime she smokes her boyfriend calls him asking him about it. He coulda given that bitch some shit and let her go kill herself wouldn't have gone through any of that. Then the faggot is gonna call him up complaining? Wow.

    Oh and i left out this part. But the bitch is gonna tell him "while i was driving over here i was day dreaming about how romantic it would be and about me and you fucking"
    He laughs and says "yea well keep dreaming" Think thats the part that really set her off. Thats also probably while her boyfriends all mad. That bitch will fuck anything with a dick i swear.

  8. Yea bro i had to just take a deep breath. I have been having dreams about catching another case and ending up in jail for super long. That shit really makes you think before you act.
  9. Thats why she wanted your dog

  10. Good one.
  11. Yeah, It's a good thing you got your dog away from her, I wouldn't want my dog to have herpes.

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