lol, just got caugt by the Cable guy

Discussion in 'General' started by Goggalor, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I thought he was gone so I sparked up a fat bowl and surprise! he's still here. Whole basement reeks and he's just laughing.

  2. no harm no foul.  offer him a hit
  3. Haha nice. I've been told by the air conditioning guys they see grows in basements all the time! Offer the hit :p
  4. Don't offer him a hit... Haven't you seen The Cabe Guy with Jim Carey? Those guys are fucking creeps.
  5. No, def offer him a hit. He coulda been a douche,,but he isn't . Who knows maybe you two will become bros.
  6. i would have offered. a guy like Chip Douglas would be a hoot when im high!
  7. I'd imagine due to the nature of their work (driving vans, going up in ladders and buckets, etc) that most cable guys are drug tested.
  9. Yo smoke him out for sure I just smoked out my Home security salesmen
  10. Haha thanks for the laugh OP.
  11. Well, its not as bad as sparkin up a joint in the police station.
    When I saw the thread title, I was thinking he caught you jerking off.  [​IMG]
  13. That's just funny, I would have paid to see your face as you realized he was still there.
  14. Lulz have been had.
  15. You definitely should have offered him a few hits! It would have been totally chill to hang out with him while smokin a bowl, plus you'd for sure make his day. 

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