lol its so stupid

Discussion in 'General' started by HelloFriend, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. So I smoked yesterday, and today I feel like doing nothing at all... I just wanna smoke more and more and more... but I dont have any and I dont have cash either... but I feel like I dont feel like doing anything else either atm.... anyone else like this? I should be studying actually for my uni. exams, but I tottaly dont feel like doing it...
  2. You may be mentally addicted, take a break.

  3. But imagine how good it would feel to hit that s... :cool:
  4. it feels great sitting here reading this while smoking a bowl.
  5. Get your shit together and do what you gotta do. Don't perpetuate the "lazy stoner" stigma, study hard, look for a job, and burn down a fatty as a reward.
  6. Dont let being burnt out drag you down....The only true way to enjoy the weed is to get your life shit done.....get your ass
  7. my friend saved the day
  8. So easy scraping up some money for bud, but during summer to hot out to collect 10 bucks in pop cans and bottles or bring some scrap to the metal depot...
  9. ^For pot?

  10. God didn't leave you any money today?

    Jesus Christ I wish I was in that position. Free healthcare, and do you people even have to pay for university?

  11. You will crave even more once your next high is gone, just take a four day break, that always does the trick for me no matter my tolerance
  12. So great knowing that I have pot in my backpack...

  13. hold up. you can still sell soda cans for money?!!

    i am about to cash in.
  14. Is it stupid? I could be doing chores while high and still be having the time of my life.

  15. Cheers! :bongin:
  16. "only true way to enjoy the weed"

    Just stop there.

    You've almost been here a year, you should know better. I hope you're not talking about the liquid people huff before taking it in the ass.
  17. Blame the government.
  18. You must not get the point...You cant/wouldnt enjoy it so much if you blew off shit constantly....itd start to fuck your life up.

    Do people constantly have to put IMO after everything now? Thats a fucking given..
  19. I get that way too OP and I really need to snap out of it as like others have said, it is a horrible thing to have.

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