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LOL... i just love being right

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. ah... ::does happy that the bucs are kicking the crap outta the raiders dance::

    go bucs!
    go bucs!
    it's your birthday!
    eat a cookie!
    get fat!

    sorry... i'm tired, and in a good mood. didn't get the acid, but that's ok.

    <big>GO BUCS</big>

    LMAO! :D
  2. Hell yeah.. They fuckin killed the em..
  3. yeh i was hoping the bucs would lose but no doin this time i seemed like the refs really botched a few calls against the raiders though, who knows what would have happened if the calls had gone their way

  4. 48-21 Bucs.. I won some serious money today my friends..The bucs are my friends now!

    I'm glad I checked a few things before i decided to play,,
  5. my sack deliverer put $400 on the raiders... i bet he's pissed! lol...
  6. Thats chump change compared to what I would have loss.

    Not trying to brag, but I put up ALOT of money.

    I was nervous as hell in the third quarter.
  7. Right on Bud Head!, party at your place!
  8. lol BH... that's not even half of what he makes profit from his business in a week... plus he works a full time job at over $11 an hour... so he's not really worried about the money aspect of it.

  9. I put down ten times more than he did at some great odds.

    I lost my high when the Raiders come back from half time and started playing the way they did.

    I am still in a nervous state.
  10. BTW thanks for being right..
  11. so you just won a whole shit load of money...


    congrats on the win man. enjoy yourself =)

  12. Exactly... My guy has just called me wanting to settle up tommorrow. YEA HAW!

    I only wish that i could get most of ya'll out here for a weekend smoke out...

    Damn I am still on edge..

    I still have to fight the cold at work tommorrow. High only 30 deg. tommorrow.
  13. hey bh... 30 is warm compared to what it is here... 19 for the high. *burrrrrrr*

    oh well. i got nothing to do today... 'cept run to the store to buy some pine shavings.

    have a great day :D

  14. I'm glad someone still has the guts to gamble big time in football. The Buffalo Bills broke my ass from gambling on football ever again.
  15. When I bet i always go overbord you know WIN big loose big!

    After they came back form half time, I got scared!!!

    I have a friend who keeps up with football. He told me to do the Bucs by at least 15. I thought he was crazy.. I was one lucky sumbitch!

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