LOL i just found this awesome thing on my computer!!

Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, May 3, 2004.

  1. Yah on my screensaver thing there is this one called Science it came on my computer then you click on settings and go to "blackhole" its cool it looks like its messin up your computer. Like it looks like its suckin it up. It would prolly be cool to watch stoned or suttin.
  2. yeah search the internet for screen savers, you can download some pretty trippy and fucked up ones, that like mess with the color and appearance of your desktop but is still kinda the same u know?
  3. Awesome shit to check out when high is those cool video things when playing music in like Winamp and shit. Some are pretty fucking trippy.

  4. Yah thats what i mean. lol like its still the same but this lil thing goes around and looks like its suckin it in. Do you know ne websites in particular?? Cuz theres like a million of them and some are just real shitty.
  5. yeah, i think that same screensaver has a setting to make it look like a magnifying glass aswell... pretty trippy...

    i like the beziers..... width set at 6 and length at 4.... and at a medium slow speed... its trippy as hell to watch...
  6. i set my monitor to automatically turn off after 10 minutes of no activity. saves the electric bill.

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