Lol I got this girls family using hella cannabis lotions

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  1. This girl that lives by me came by with her parents and took them on my deck because of the view. Little did she know there was a 8 foot sativa full flower. Along with a couple Indica bushes that were super damn purple all sitting out under the sun.

    All of a sudden from my room I hear, "OOH! MARIJUANA! thats neat." Haha I look outside on my back deck and see these two 50 year old parents taking good close looks at my plants. Anyone that comes through my house with their parents is cool so it wasn't an issue at all. I was stoked to talk to them about the plants.

    They were against smoking cannabis personally so I gave them some CDB lotion and apparently they use it often and have a friend that can get it for them so every time that girl goes home there is some cannabis lotion.

    The stuff actually works well for aches and pulled muscles, I'm sure its good for arthritis and all that stuff as well and you don't get high.

    Its funny when a family that is completely against smoking weed all of a sudden realizes that you don't have to get high to use cannabis. The whole damn family uses the product even the kids since it has no thc and its applied to the skin.
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    This the same girl from your "lol this girls boyfriend trippen" thread or your "lol this girl wants my jubilia" thread?
  3. What kind of gun is that in your Avi?
  4. It puts the lotion on its skin

  5. It only took 3 posts and I'm already loling.

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  6. classic shit
  7. I would be pissed....even if I lived in a legal state i wouldn't go around showing off my grow.
  8. Agreed, seems like it would invite moochers and thieves.
    (Somewhat) on the topic of the thread though, cannabis lotion is actually good stuff. I thought it sounded strange myself, but it really does work pretty well.
  9. There is only one troll who uses the term "hella" ... You give yourself away too easily POWSkier :poke:
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  11. Old people gonna come and Rob your plants now

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  12. You should be the GC troll detective mod lol

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