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Lol I fail

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChubbyRage, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I just made a vapourizer out of some glass jar and stuff so i was happily vaping some weed and finished.

    I then accidently touch the heated part of the glass with my thumb and it extremely hurt, i quickly run to the tap and put cold water on it. I've got my thumb in a glass of water now, but whenever i take it out i still feel the burning sensation, it's horrible lol.
  2. LMAO. :)

    Btw it's my first time vaping :) feel pretty dam high.
  3. Hahaha! Well I can only give you some advice. If your finger is still hurting you certainly did not vape enough! :smoke:
  4. LMAO I love that pic!

    When I first got my vape I wasn't thinking and grabbed the whip too high up and grabbed the part that was on the heating element. Burned the crap outta myself......then used the vape and forgot about the burns....:D
  5. The best thing for a burn is to sit it in a glass of warm salt water.

  6. Really?? I never knew this, thanks!:hello:
  7. Yeah it like draws the heat out or something.

    Or you can keep it under constantly running cold water, if you want it to actually feel better.
  8. Thanks for that remedy, might try it once I get another burn!

    But the pain has kind of gone away now, only hurts if i touch it.
  9. Cold water draws the heat out JoMomma. nex ttime listen up in chemistry
  10. hahaahaahahahah
  11. Oh man that reminds me of when I grabbed the actual bowl instead of the little handle and got 1st degree burns on my thumb and index fingers.

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