LOL, I do computer tech support help desk and...

Discussion in 'General' started by CoinOpBoy, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Mary Jane from Pottsville just called in for me to help her with her printer.

  2. maybe you can both help each other? a favor for a favor.

  3. Awesome!

    I also am in the IT Field.
  4. Yeah man IT is the way to go... 2 years of training with multiple certification gets you a ticket into almost any company..

    I'm not quite there yet though :d
  5. Hey CoinOp, I know you can appreciate this:

    This is my ibook G4, essentially controlling my network. I am vnc'ed into my XP box and NX'ed into my Fedora 7(linux) box.
  6. Whoah thats pretty cool man. Is it smooooth runnin?
  7. Yes of course. Well with the exception of XP having to restart about once a week for updates.
  8. So you can run windows specific software off of your mac? That's pretty sweet dude.

    Props to the mac are due I suppose.
  9. No. Actually I am remotely connected to my XP machine and my Fedora 7 (linux) machine. I can control them remotely, via VNCViewer and NX respectively.
  10. Wah thats VNC-tastic. A friend of mine uses parallels on his macbook. I use windows the most but rely on VMware for tasks involving other operating systems. Its good to see some fellow nerds in the forum :D
  11. I am using a Mac right now! I blew away MacOS and am running Windows XP, though. :D
  12. By all means make that a house call! It sounds like a sign from god. Now, if her sister, Mary Mammary in Hooterville calls, let me know.
  13. Wow, why the fuck would you buy a mac, and then install Windows on it? you are a moron.

    Chill with the name calling, that isn't what GC is about - TokinBlue
  14. Dogg, there's no need to call anyone names. that's not accepted here.
  15. Perhaps because I did not buy it and it was a gift? Thanks for calling me a moron though, that certainly made my day.

  16. /agree

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