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Lol how un-true is this.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ogku, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. just look at this. it says cannabis contains over 400 dangerous chemicals..
    its so funny to just read and think holy shit whoever wrote this is so fucking stupid...
    Dangers of Smoking Marijuana | Smoking
  2. Some parts made me LOL. There were a few true parts, but if you think K2 and marijuana have the same health effects, im not gonna take it seriously.
  3. Bitch is advertising vaporizing products on the same page...
  4. I still lol'd at 400 dangerous chemicals in weed
  5. i dont see where they're wrong?
  6. K2 is commonly compared to Bath Salts.


    Ok then...
  7. Lol dumb ass article
  8. clearly this person has never smoked either of the 2 or they would know instantly why they are retarded
  9. Sounds like she needs a good dicking

    Omega369 :wave:
  10. I got head cancer from teh marijuana!
  11. "What are the short-term dangers of smoking marijuana? Impaired memory and inability to learn Difficulties in thinking and problem solving Distorted Perception Anxiety attacks or feelings of paranoia Impaired muscle coordination and judgment Increased susceptibility to infections Burning and stinging of mouth and throat Impairment in driving skills Increases the heart rate in normal people and worsens heart rate in with heart disease or high blood pressure."

    "Impaired memory" as in, where the fuck's my lighter/skins/wraps/baggy/pipe.

    "Inability to learn" as in, "fuck this, I'm too high to care."

    "Difficulties in thinking and problem solving" as in, "mind. blown."

    "Distorted perception" as in drinking an ice cold glass of water and thinking it's the nectar of the gods or something.

    "Anxiety or feelings of paranoia" as in that sinking feeling when you grind up all your weed, forget, and think you've run out, only to find it still in the grinder.

    "Impaired muscle coordination" also known as "couch lock".

    "Burning and stinging of mouth and throat" as in when you get to the end of a joint and it's oily, or when you rip a massive bowl and cough. Feel the burn, love the burn!

    Some of these things do happen, but they make it sound like you'll be on the floor in agony, flopping about like a salmon plucked straight from the flowing river.

  12. The writer makes a lot of claims, and every one of them have been heard by everyone everywhere... So none of what he's saying is news.

    But... No cited sources, no research to back it up. This is what we call bad science coupled with agenda pushing. The proper way to deal with this... Is to shrug it off and ignore it. For example, we get this kind of stuff in the paleo/primal circles, and we refer to it as conventional wisdom.
  13. 1. the whole K2 thing is a common tactic, everyone knows K2 can and has killed people.Its typical propaganda that all anti-cannabis sites use.Throw in a dangerous drug next to marijuana so clueless people will be like oh my god are you serious K2 and marijuana do the same things to your heart and vital organs?! Or sometimes its crack or meth, whatever will idiots and make them believe that marijuana is worse than it is. the people that wrote the article, where the hell have you been? Its 2013 son, I never get seeds or stems, and also who the hell gets grayish weed here seriously? Maybe green? maybe green with orange? maybe purplish tint? Maybe even a whitish tint.But gray? That is fuckin nasty, and I dont believe you.Sounds like a diseased flower that someone shoved up there ass to bring to you.

    3.To the person that wrote the artice, I'd like some sources bitch. Thats pretty basic when trying to teach people things, you give sources, wheres your citations hoe? This is all made up bullshit.Maybe 400 chemicals probably none of them dangerous, its probably like amino acids or fatty proteins or something.gtfo.And just because its marijuana doesnt mean its cannabis sativa.....cannabis indica, cannabis ruderalis, so now I know that you have no idea about the shit youre trying to talk about.

    4.You have to watch for these types of things in peoples sentences..It "may" cause adverse affects, it could "potentially" do this.I could also "potentially" cum out my window and it "may" travel at such speeds that it will cause innocent bystanders to go blind.Will that happen? Chances are NO that will NOT happen.But it could..."potentially" happen.

    5. One more thing, because of your inability to give sources and citations for your bullshit, im going to go ahead and assume your "studies" were conducted by the "Mentally Handicapped University for Sciences regarding bullshittery" or your sons 2nd grade science class, or more likely your churches sunday school class...

    FUCK YOU.The sad part is there's misinformed people that are going to read that and believe it.

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