lol, have you ever notcied what people search for

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. lol, I suppose its good it doesnt have a member name next to the search but there have been some funny ones..
    todays I noticed: pickles
    lol. no result found. thank god? lol...
  2. where do they search from? i wanna see what people are searching for!!
  3. I know, Sensi. It is funny. I'll have to go and check out todays search topics. It's like reading greeting cards at Walmart, almost.
  4. check out the advance stats page, its on the right hand side..I cant remember some of the other things but some are just damn funny. you crazy stoners.

  5. lol...

    comma, almost.

    and walmart is like the circus when your all stoney shopping in there :) oh the fun!
  6. ohhh!!!!!!!! ok i gotcha...yeah tahts the one who searched for poop earlier...i was tryign to find the search stats page so i typed the first word that came to my mind
  7. uuuuuuuh huh. sure nub.

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