LOL @ Grounded for Life

Discussion in 'General' started by ganjaphish, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Older father: "So that's what's growing in my bird bath? I thought you told me it was CANNABIS!"

    30-year-old son: "It is! I promise, it IS!"

    Does anyone else watch this show?
    It's almost funnier than Malcolm in the Middle :D
  2. yeah i seen that. i watched it with my dad, i love that show. i think it is better than malcolm in the middle. i used to like malcolm more but it kinda lost it's touch. and with him on titus, it was kinda gay.
  3. Grounded for life was pretty funny. I had never seen it until last night. Oregano...hehehe. " I suddenly feel like pizza."
  4. My dad took me out to dinner tonight and I think he was really stoned because he was telling me about grounded for life because I missed it and it took him like an hour to tell me about it. I kept having to remind him what he was talking about the fuckin' pothead.:)
  5. 420 girl-do you ever smoke out with your dad? My mom alwayz knew cause i told her, but my dad was a cop so he never was let on to it. Well, just wondering.
  6. He used to smoke me out, but then I got busted.:(

    Hopefully he'll start smoking me out again sometime soon.:)
  7. i'm having pizza tonight, first time in over a year!
  8. man, ive always wondered what it'd be like to smoke openly with my parents....but then again, it'd be really fucking awkward for the first time..

    once everyone in our family is 21 my parents promised theyd smoke us out...theyre both ex hippies
  9. Ohhh so awkward. It was kind of cool though. Let's just say it was a wierd kind of bonding experience.
  10. how did it go about happeneing girlie? did he catch you smoking and say "oh light me up sum o' dat sweety"
  11. Kinda. When he first found out, he caught me and my sister smoking weed in my room and he made me give him a bowl. He would ask me if I wanted a toke whenever he toked up in front of me, but at first I declined his offer. Then I wised up a little and realized, what the hell, why not? HeHeHe, he gave me a bong hit on Christmas right before we went to my grandma's. It was a trip when we went on vacation and I found myself taking bonghits with him and his friends, what a riot!
  12. geez... i cant imagine after all these years of hiding it, and being so paranoid about people finding out and then just sitting around smoking bowls with my mom or dad..thats just too fucked up to think about...i think ill stick with just doing it with friends for now

    its kinda weird tho...when someone turns 21, they have no problem with drinking with their parents(usually)... i know plenty of people who go bar hopping with mom and pop... but its just so taboo with weed , it makes it awkward
  13. i got busted in school then put on probation, thats when my dad found out i smoke up, so whenever i got off probation we started smokin together. i don't find it weird at all. about everyone on my dads side of the family smokes up, its cool.

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