LOL einstein smarter than ever we thought

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  1. Oh man...what a dick. No wonder he invented the atom bomb.
  2. Pretty sure he didn't invent that lol

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  3. He told Roosevelt in a letter that an atomic bomb was theoretically possible and the Germans were probably working on a project to develop one. They were but they were no where close even by the end of the war. There is a raid on a heavy water plant in Telemark,Norway in 1943.
  4. Yea watched the documentary of the norwegian and british commandos who blew that plant up.

    Always thought oppenheimer was the father of the bomb.

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  5. I'm a scientist, and I think it's very important to seperate the science from the man.
    Newton, for example, was an asshole; obstructionist, prideful, jealous, quick to anger, and so on. His mathematics have advanced the race immensely.
    I don't think the science any man has done should create a cult of personality - Einstein shouldn't be worshipped, there shouldn't be pictures of him everywhere and scientists shouldn't pretend simply doing great science makes you a great person.

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