Lol. do you think these costumes are racist?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Exhazer, Oct 26, 2014.

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  1. That's not racist at all. I dress in blackface every friday and all my dope boys gimme the hookup. When I come in white face I either get shorted or shot and fed to da homiez pits

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  2. The person who wrote that article is just an oversensitive whiney bitch..sure if someone dresses up in black face, that is racist, but there's nothing racist about dressing up in any of those costumes listed. 
    This article talks about how a white person shouldn't wear that costume just because they're white. Isn't that kind of racist in itself?
  3. I hate how people think stereotypes are racism
  4. White guilt at its finest.
  5. you forgot to specify that whiteface is also racist too.. 
    That is creepy
  7. If you look at the Halloween as a whole in today's society I don't feel like being racist is the most relevant factor.

    I could easily get upset if you threw on a head dress and made yodeling noises ontop of a horse but that would be ignorant because it's a day where literally everyone dresses up.

  8. White people aren't allowed to complain... Not that we really care about white face
  9. Soooo... offensive...
  10. It is cultural appropriation.
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    I don't think so, but who gives a shit if it is? It does not hurt or violate anyone. If it offends people, then those people need to get a life and stop worrying about what others wear.
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    Holloween is supposed to just be dressing up as whatever you like for one night and to ask for candy.
    I get the perspective of some Mexican getting pissed at the pancho guy, (LOL) but that person is missing the perspective of the avg soul participating in Holloween. No one is trying to be racist and point fingers, no one is trying to say that they have been in the shoes of a native during the trail of tears.
    I think people may get upset with these costumes because they believe someone is not worthy to be a part of something they haven't the slightest knowledge about, or they simply want foreigners out of their culture. For whatever reason,
    The truth is these people are strengthening boundaries between each other stressing over futile clothing. I like Holloween because it's basically the time you can be whatever you please, and you may hold hands and get candy together. I think Holloween is one of the only nights humans don't care much about who each other is or our differences at all. Very wonderful if you think about it.
    The world we live in is much bigger than clothing. Lol I hope yall can see where I'm coming from.
    I like the way natives treated the world, and respected it. I'm hispanic and I'd kick it with the natives and their peace pipe
  13. Racist is a tad extreme but some of them are offensive.  
    The general rule of thumb is this:  If you can walk down a street wearing the "Mexican" outfit in a predominately Latino neighborhood without getting your ass kicked then you're good to go.  Same thing with the "Indian Princess" or Pimp outfit.  
    it's probably best to stay away from ethnic caricatures or stereotypes.  
  14. lol I guess im a rascist i was wearing a pancho and a sombrero all last night.
  15. Op of that article seems a bit racially insensitive. Why does it have to be a black thing to be a pimp or have a afro? Lol last year my friend and I got track suits and went as greasy Italians. Had a few people calling us racist. Talking like a mobster was the best part.
  16. Prime example of white ignorance, white insensitive, and white privilege all up in and around this thread. Except for Carne Saca who gets it 100% of the time anyway.
  17. Hahaha feminism hehehe *falls onto floor*...

    ...still laughing...
  18. Oh shush.
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