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LOL damn people are stupid about the love grass...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TRC, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Today, a girl in my class told me that weed can kill you in one hit, because the toxins kill all your brain cells, and the brain cells dying is what causes you to get high.

  2. Damn..I must be a super cat, b/c I've sure got a hell of a lot of lives!!!


    that is by far the funniest thing I've heard in a long time... :D

    they should use that in an anti-drug war commercial...

    talk about misinformation. good god...
  4. LOL

    Oh, my God. How can people be so misinformed? Did you
    even try to set her straight? Personally, I wouldn't even
    bother. She's a hopeless case, to my mind.
  5. Oh man....I had to go back and read this again....that's so freaking funny :D
  6. When I started to talk about THC-9 and THC-11, the real facts about how there has never been ONE Weed only death, and the effects of Marijuana are no where near as hazardous as Alcohol, even though that is legal, etc...

  8. hahaah that was bout as funny as the original post itsself!
    all i gotta say bout that girl in that class of yours, is that it sounds like shes been trippin on somethin to believe that shiat
  9. This doesnt strike me as odd, because ur probley 12, and the girl u talked to is 12, and she just listens to whatever her parents tell her. Shit ill tell my kids weed will kill u in one hit, who cares if im a lier and a hipocrite, i wouldnt let my kids smoke weed, some people(like me) can handle it and be fine and others(many people i know) are crackheads cuz they started on weed, its all in the personality. Weed is the bomb in moderation but some people just shouldnt touch the shit and i wouldnt wanna test the odds on my kids

  10. Everyone is 18 here :D

  11. glad to hear it.

    how she take it?
    did u manage to set her on the path of self education?

    did u explain to her that for over 5000 years cannabis has been consistantly noted as the best medicine in the best group of medicines (the "cure-alls")?

    i bet she also didn't know that there are more powerful and dangerous "drugs" in her kitchen (particularly her spice rack).
  12. just a couple of vaguely relevant thoughts i had today...

    societies across the globe who smoke weed, in india, africa, thailand, wherever - they do it EVERY DAY, and have done so for 6000 years...

    proves that the test of time is in our favour really... these cultures wouldn't take it every day if it was harmful- they've worked out that it's nice and safe to smoke dope daily...

    other drugs don't fare quite so well... south americans didn't swig back DMT on a 24/7 basis, vikings saved mushrooms for going into battle...

    you've really got to look at how safe drugs are before you start taking them.

    and, all evidence considered,
    *ganja is a well safe drug*

    so there we have it ;)

  13. LOL..

    I always thought it was the THC :rolleyes: ;)
  14. ho ho ho, tis a funny tale, but you put it in the wrong place, humour forum is a few boxes down :)

    i didnt think the misinformation and propaganda went THAT far, maybe she was talking about the "normal" cow food grass, if ya ate too much o that ya might die (or maybe im babbling)
  15. HAHAHAHA. That is so funny. I can't believe that someone would actually believe that. You know what? You should try to get that girl high. She should find out first hand. LOL
  16. Oh No... I Better Stop Smkoing
  17. Do you think maybe it's true, and we're all dead and don't know it? Damn, I must be in hell! I knew it!
  18. nah..this must be heaven ;)
  19. Does this girl ride the " little bus " to school?
  20. I am way older then 12. Regardless, if they don't want kids to smoke weed, they should give them the facts, and let them make their decisions based on that.

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