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  1. Dear team,

    I am using the Android/pixel to access the app. Roughly 1/2 the time when I login, attempts to navigate into pm's or notifications result in the grey padlock icon and a message telling me this:

    To access this feature, please join or login

    When I check, the system acknowledges that I am logged in.

    If I navigate into the forum I'm fine, and most of the time, I can then go to pm's or notifications without trouble, but about half of my logins do not allow me access to pm's or notifications without first navigating elsewhere. I took a screenshot, but I still cannot attach pictures.



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  2. Someone else had this same issue. They cleared the cache and things went back to normal.

    You can also try using a mobile browser.
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  3. Forgive my ignorance, but I am not aware I can "clear the cache" on a forum app.

    Then again, I'm a welder that likes growing Cannibis and not especially tech savvy...


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  4. Go to the Settings on your phone and then Apps. Find the app, click on Storage & Cache and then Clear Cache.
  5. Thanks;

    That was easy to do, even for a welder ;)

    I logged out afterwards and logged back in and FWIW the same issue is present. I'm regretful to bring the bad news!

    I'm just glad there are folks that understand this stuff!

    Best regards,


    Sent from a prohibition state in a relatively free country....
  6. I would use the mobile browser then if this is happening with the app.

  7. That's what I'm currently logged into, and the issue sadly persists. Chrome is the browser FWIW.

  8. Have you cleared the cache for the browser?
  9. I'm clearly showing my technological ignorance when I say that I wasn't aware that was a necessary task.

    I cleared the browser cache and now I can access pm's but still (and probably unrelated) cannot upload pictures.

    Thanks for looking into this regardless!


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