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  1. The shrinking of IC die geometries and the growing complexity of device designs are making the task of on-wafer testing increasingly more difficult. SV TCL's LogicTouch is suited perfectly for these types of advanced designs, a fine pitch technology utilizing a MEMS-style probe targeted for pad-limited devices such as High-Volume SoCs, Microcontrollers, DSPs and 3D Packages. LogicTouch is also ideal for the latest device applications including TSV (Through-Silicon Via) and Copper Pillar (Cu-Pillar).
    - Fine Pitch Capability Down to 50µm
    - No Chip Design Limitations
    Probe Arrays
    Corner Pads
    - Single Pin Repairable
    - MEMS-Style Probes
    Greater Scrub Consistency 
    More Dimensional Control
    Contact your SV TCL & Associates Probe Company China Japan Europe Representative so we can help you find the right LogicTouch product for your vertical testing needs.


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