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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Boosh, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. GC keeps logging me out, and I have to keep signing back in. Its been doing this for 2 days for me now, is anyone else having this happen to them? :confused:
  2. No one has mentioned having this issue but you as far as I know.

    Do you have your browser set to automatically delete cookies? :confused: Maybe you should check that out.
  3. Actually im logged out everytime i close the browser and re-open it. Its been happening for a couple months probably, Never did before.

    I dont mind it so never mentioned it but its happened to me that way.

    But Boosh didnt specify, If your on the site and it randomly logs you out, Ive never experienced that.
  4. yo if you guys use fire fox, its in the tools it did that shit for me i was getting mad

    go to

    Tools > options > and uncheck the "clear history when fire fox closes"
  5. I am on Google Chrome and sometimes when I change pages on the site it will load the page and I will be logged out, but I can goto a different page on the site and it will log me back in.

  6. Yeah like say Im in the general, then I hit the User CP button, it logs me out inbetween pages. It doesnt do it everytime, so Im confused :confused:
  7. It may be the General forum. Maybe we should just get rid of it if it's causing problems.


    Just kidding. :) Boosh, I don't know what your deal is, dude. I'll pass it off to SJ and see what he can find. :)
  8. :eek: Noooo.

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