logging me out constantly

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  1. hey when i first joined this forum when i clicked remember me it would and i would stay signed in except when i would turn my computer off now if i leave my computer for like 10 minutes withought using gc it auto signs me out how do i fix this?
  2. What browser are you using?

    Check your browser settings and make sure you don't have cookies/local data disabled.
  3. got cookies aloud and on internet explorer

  4. Eeeyeeeah... I'm inclined to just call it an Internet Explorer problem and urge you to get either Firefox or Chrome, but maybe that's just me being an IE hater. :p

    Did you make any changes around the time it started happening? Any add-ons/extensions/browser updates? :confused:
  5. nope just stopped working
  6. Hmm, alrighty... Here are some things to try.

    Make sure after you do this to completely exit and restart your browser before you try again.

    If that doesn't help, check the processes running in your task manager (Ctrl+***+Delete > Processes) and look for any of these; ay3nao2.exe, j9ly2wwk.exe, yq2wwa29.exe.
    If you do see any of those (or to be honest, any strange process you don't recognize), you may have a virus that is causing the problem.

    Failing both of those options... well, I suppose we'll have to keep looking! :p
  7. guess well have to keep on looking i tried first thing did not work and i dont see any of those programs you put up running.

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