LOE watching hydro store orders

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  1. Be careful of ordering to much stuff online from the hydro stores.LEO is watching sent out shippments.I know from personal experiance.
  2. Pardon my ignorance, but what does LOE stand for exactly?
  3. dont you all me LEO as in Law Enforcement Officer. And as for orders, find a local shop and pay in cash.
  4. Could you imagine if you where the federal agent assigned to monitor every shipment from every hydro store in the United States and Canada? Millions of court order subpoenas to all the owners of all stores who sell growing supplies. That seems to be an aful lot of work.

    If they want hundreds of pounds of marijuana, I can give them a map and phone number (without a subpoena). Just click on the link below and you will find pounds of weed without working at all.


    The link above is real. I just went to one of the clubs on that map (no clones damn it).

    Oh shit..... Did you hear that? Quick, everybody hide! :eek:
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    Seems to me that it would be easier to watch a local store (sit outside) than all of the work that Rumple says they would have to do to watch an internet store.

    I DO know that local store owners hate the internet store owners... hhhhmmmmm :)

  6. lol wonder why? could it be that they are cheaper...even with shipping ( or atleast the local one here is)..not to mention if your inside a store they HAVE to sell you mollassas at 25 bucks the pint, a new and better bulb for another 100 bucks...ohh and the "trust Me I have seen the results" being said with a sign saying "we do not discuss the production of marijuana on premises" LMAO... all this after telling me I need to buy an aerogarden if I want to get into hydro, cause thats "what all the pros are using"

    thanks but no thanks ..I think I'll purchase online where the BS is the same day in day out..not dependant on what has the biggest profit margin this week.

    ohh and by the way .. legit growing establishments like public greenhouses that you buy daisys and the sort from ..they order from hydro-stores too...so it would be a waste of funds to watch the damn online stores, unless tis a local stakeout.

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