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locking your glovebox?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CaptainFalcon, May 22, 2010.

  1. I was just cruisin the thread about driving with weed, and I've always heard that if you lock your glove box, they need a warrant to open it. So if you were to keep your insurance and registration somewhere else you could keep a smell proof bag in your locked glove box and they would need a warrant to open it. Is this true? Thanks in advance everybody.

    btw, make sure your lock works, my buddy and me locked a QP in his glove box and had to pry it open with a crowbar to get it out and broke it.

    EDIT: I just realized that it might be different for different states, I'm in WA if that makes a difference.
  2. they need a warrant to open anything thats locked.

    Cant open your trunk either
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    ok? :confused:

    good lookin out, thanks man
  4. If I'm out riding around i only bring just enough to smoke with me. i usually twist it up in a joint too that way you don't have to also worry about a separate paraphernalia charge too(FL).
  5. Wait, that's true that they can't look in your glovebox if it's locked? :eek:
  6. Yah they need a warrant to search your glovebox or your trunk , unfortunately for me i have subs so i dont believe they need a warrant to search my trunk.
  7. You can also be detained for up to 24 hours. Which happens to give them just enough time to call a drug dog to sniff your car (exaggeration)

    Use a smell proof bag, and remember to wash your hands after touching weed related object before getting into your car. I saw a video, saying how dogs will hit on the door handle, due to the transferred scent.

    Be safe out there :smoke:
  8. The glove box is still the worst place for weed because it's the first place you have to go for your insurance papers usually when you're pulled over. I guess it's better than the cup holder though.
  9. I'v heard this before to, but here in chicago if your glovebox is locked and narcs are searchin your shit they will rip it out and laugh in your face if you tell them you need a warrent.. I wouldnt hide my shit there, find a better spot, somewhere hidden in your trunk or something, stuff it in a sub if you got one thats ported..
  10. Or directly above your head in the roof where the roof and windshield connect.
  11. From the first post:
    So if you were to keep your insurance and registration somewhere else you could keep a smell proof bag in your locked glove box
  12. i find the hiding it somewhere under your car seat, hidden in the upholstery works the best.
  13. They need a warrant to search your glovebox or trunk but as mentioned above they can detain you and your vehicle for more than enough time to get a dog or warrant without much of a problem.

    Too many people look for loopholes.. Just quit giving them a reason to want to search you. Don't smoke in your car with your subs blaring in a school zone.. Obviously I'm exagerating but there are soo many people who get caught being soo ridiculously heaty.. If you're retarded about it you deserve to get caught.
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    As you can see from who I quoted I wasn't responding to the original post.
  15. yo where do you live in WA?
  16. You didnt quote anyone in the post you said it was still the worst place to keep weed, unless im missing something?

    Little Wetod: Im in lynnwood, like 10 minutes north from seattle
  17. Eh, I'd try to find a better spot than the glove box. Maybe it's just me, but I've never felt safe with my shit in there.

    And props on the user name OP. My favorite pipe is named Captain Falcon because it hits so hard lol
  18. hahaha ya captain falcons the shit, thats a sick name for a piece.

  19. Under the seats a bad spot bro, if your car get searched they will check under the seat.. My car has got searched about 3 times and they looked there every time.. 2 out of the 3 times tho they didnt even open up my trunk
  20. oh ight... im in the tri-cities area so i was jw

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