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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bluntedbravo, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. hey yall. some questions. i'm completely new to growing but i've done alot of research here and other websites, watched a few growing videos (so i think i'll be able to handle a grow which i'll record here for you guys to check out), and lately i've been thinking about doing a grow in my own room of some lowryder plants. here are the specifications. I have a plastic celtics locker that's about 14 inches wide and maybe 16 inches deep, and at least 5 feet tall. i was thinking about growing in there so that it would be the least likely place for anyone to stumble upon. so i was thinking about planting some lowryders, but then again i could go for the gold and grow a higher plant. I have read some good stuff about lowryder but that it doesn't have as much thc as plants such as white widow, which i'd love to grow - but i'm afraid that it might need more space. I'm also a little confused after studying flowering stages, about if i were to grow, when would i start flowering plants / changing the lighting schedule? anyway i'd guess i would only be able to fit 1 plant in there which would suck but if i do a good grow i'd get some grass off it. I've just smoked that "spice gold" stuff and i really can't stand the taste, and the smell it gives off afterwards on your clothes (i love the smell of bud, this after-smell gives you a headache) i'd love to have some sweet bud for myself but i can't find any around here and i'd like to try growing.

    so basically i want to just know if there is anything better than lowryders for my situation, what lights i should use (i think LEDs would be good, less heat? thanks blades
  2. could u get clones?? if u only have space 4 1 plant its good to know that it will be female, otherwise u waisted a veg cycle to find a big ass male lookin at ya also with the height u have u should look into a plant thats not bushy because it will be tough to get any side lighting, look into getting a cabinet or maybe a better spot pot4mytwenty friends did a grow behind his recliner in a corner (search for his thread in the grow journals i believe and no one noticed it so there maybe other options for u , u seem to have plenty of height 5 foot right so u should check into other strains in my opinion and don;t forget there are some really innovative ways of doing stealth grows check into them there all through here
    good luck peace bro

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