Locked my self out of my car

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  1. so last night I drove to this lake around 10 pm. I was just getting high using my vape there with maybe 3 other cars around me. I decided I'd vape outside but forgot my bag to reload it. So I go back to my car high as fuck and sit there for a minute. I locked my door and got out thinking I left the key in the door but was too late and it was inside the car. Phone dead, no cash on hand I walked to the nearest gas station (10 minutes away) to use the atm so I can pay a cab driver to open my car. i started running back hoping someone was still in the parking lot to ask if I could use their phone. There was one other car left; I start walking towards it trying not to be suspicious lol. I was still pretty stoned throughout this so it felt funny to me. This lady lets me use her phone and I end up having a random conversation about careers with her until the cab shows up. Man I started vaping right away when I finally got back in
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    Let me guess....
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  3. Forgot the gf at the store once.

    "from the grave"

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  4. I locked my car as it was running when I was about to leave for work. Had to wait for my Roomate

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  5. One of the first times I drove to school I locked the keys in the car....with it running.....all was fine until their was an announcement about someone's car running in the student parking lot lol
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  6. Thanks to bait car I don't think as many people would steal the car
  7. Man I have locked my keys in my car with over an ounce just sitting openly in the backseat twice now. very awkward calling triple a to come unlock my car and just hoping they didnt notice lol
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  8. Lol I was smoking before work in my car listening to tunes get out lock my doors head into work. I work all over the city so I got to site and relied I didn't have my keys! Oh fuck I dropped them somewhere fuck! Called my boss to look around the shop for me. He calls me back he's like damn Chris how much did u smoke this morning? You car is running with music blasting in the parking lot hahaha haha had to run back quick
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  9. I locked my keys in my car with it still running.

    Shit was ridiculous.

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  10. That's brutal, man. Thank God you had at least one life-saver left in the parking lot. I bet that was one satisfying hit though when all was said and done! This one time back in 2009, most of the band I was in at the time and I decided we were gonna road-trip to this once city about 65 miles from here and go spend some dough before our party that night. Our singer (being the only one to possess a usable vehicle for the trip at that point) offers to drive us. About halfway there, our guitarist discovers he has the keys to his car with him, which he meant to leave with his dad, and gets pissed with himself for being hungover and forgetting. Well, we make it there, and since some of us including yours truly decided to wake and bake our hangovers away, we were pretty hungry. We hit up the local McDonalds, and as soon as we go to walk in, I hear our singer behind me like ; *car door slams* "Shit. SHIT. No FUCKING way....I did. Fuck, I did. fuck my life." We all turn and look at him for a beat not understanding, and he's like - "The keys. We're fucked. I just. locked them. IN the fucking car." then he just buried his hands in his arms on the hood for a minute. We all are kinda freaking a bit, as we don't have money to fix the problem, and there is no way in fuck he is gonna break his window over this. Oh, did I mention between the 4 of us, we couldn't muster one person who could come all that way to help? It was then that our drummer, trying to lighten the mood, jokes to our guitarist that it would be hilarious if he got his keys to work. (different brand of car entirely) Our guitarist, running with it in jest, is like 'Fuck it! I'll try it anyway, I'll make it work!', and straight up walks up to the lock like a boss, slams the key in, and bam, it fucking opens like magic. We are straight sitting there dumbfounded and silent for like 10 seconds. Like dumbasses, we then break into a cheer, getting some sideways looks from people on the street, like it was the most improbable thing. Like, both sets of keys don't even look alike in the slightest. It was funny as fuck and mind-blowing seeing that whilst that baked, though. We took it as a good luck omen for that night though, which I could say it was.

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  11. Hide a key...costs $3...saves you from a world of shit.....
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  12. If I want a copy of my car key it's $70
  13. Once my parents were out of town for a week, so I drove my dads truck to school everyday that week (if he knew, he would have castrated me). One day I lost the key to it and, being a real hothead in those days, I lost my shit right there in the school parking lot, punching the truck door, screaming profanities, trying to start a fight with every guy who walked by and laughed at my inconvenience, just completely losing it in the school parking lot, because I had the key one second and lost it the next and I was certain my life was over. It ended up being in the keyhole on the driver side door from when I unlocked the door. Wow. That was a quick way to make an ass of myself.
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  14. I am very surprised mods even allow talk of smoking and driving.
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  15. My friend locked herself out of her car three times in one week. She must have been really high.
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  16. or blonde...
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  17. I only came here cuz I luv ur AVI and username .

    Carry on

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  18. cop-police-hits-mime-stick-13625062484.gif Here in Utah, the best thing to do would be call the police. They will come quick and open that shiz for free - no hassle.
  19. Drove to a river to go swimming with friends, after we were done I was putting socks on that we're in my trunk. Left the keys in trunk while putting socks and shoes on and closed it forgetting keys inside ( no trunk release inside car).

    My roommate ( who's black.....) picked the lock with a tiny screwdriver and a paper clip.
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