Locked my keys in the car...

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  1. Ok so last night i go with some people and were gonna smoke i get out of the car and shut the door and walk away then realize i want to put something back in but the door is locked and the keys are in the ignition, so me and my friends go walking door to door to get a coathanger to break in haha so we get one and spend like 20 min trying and then a car down the streets alarm just starts going off and five min later some random guy walks out and is like is that yours making all that racket and is like what does your key look like i tell him its double sided so he pulls one of his sticks it in the lock and in five seconds has my door open and were all like WTF DUDE :eek: then we finally got to smoke my first time smoking out of a hookah
  2. I'm confused but I'm also stoned so go figure.
  3. Wait why did he have a key to your car?
  4. Lots of models of cars have universal keys. A good example is the Sun fire, i think, most keys will work on any sun fire, dont quote me on the sun fire, but pretty sure anyways.

    You can also unlock a vehicle with a tennis ball, believe it or not. Extremely easy to do.
  5. haha thats wat im tryin to figure out!
  6. how the hell.....?
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNaSTipOYy8]YouTube - Unlock a car door with a tennis ball[/ame]

    Supposedly myth busters tried this and it didn't work... :(
  8. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsFdJarllpU"]

  9. that's an awesome trick, good to know
  10. I had like , a really smart response to this thread. But then I like... Forgot what it was.
  11. nah. tried that on purpose and by accident.

    came out of walmart and went to the same year, color, and tinted sunfire. turns out it wasnt mine, mine was parked 4 cars farther back :bongin:

    and a friend of mine locked his keys in his car, my key didnt work

    btw, quoting you
  12. I once unlocked a car with a brick, who knew?!
  13. thats happened to this guy i know called J. he was at my house watching a boxing match i think, and he locked his keys in his SUV. i forgot what type it was, but our neighbors saw we were tryin 2 get in the car so 1 of them brought this bar he had for unlocking cars. that failed, the bar wouldnt open the car, so the 1 of my neighbors asked J what model car it was, he told him, and my neighbor took his key out of his pocket, put it in the keyhole, and opened the car. it was weird, i didnt know some keys were universal.

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